Thinking and rethinking

As I start my 10th year of teaching, I am grateful to many who have inspired and continue to teach me in person, through their blogs, their books, their chats.  Sharing our thoughts has become an essential part of our growth. My main goals this year is to make standards based teaching and assessing a reality, staying in the TL 90% (I know it’s possible, that was my attained goal with all my levels last year) and increase the number of students who love to study languages and cultures, in particular, Spanish.  I doubt that I can add more to what is being written online. This is just a place to share my reflections on what I try or have tried and what has worked in my classroom. The core of what I have learned, I owe to the global community of teachers, but most specially my colleagues of OFLTA, Edmond Public Schools, #langchat, # oklaed, ACTFL and SWCOLT.  If you are a new teacher, I hope you know you are in for the ride of your life 🙂  This is more than a job, is a way of life and you need to be prepared to mesh it into all aspects of your life. Teach from your heart and share your passion with your students.  I have learned that my students and I have learned together from successful lessons as well as from those times when your lesson falls on its face.  My first thought continues to be to endeavor to create strong relationships with your students. Getting to know them lets me meet their needs and it establishes the learning environment they need to feel supported and successful.


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