A rare gift

It has been a very fast moving summer so far, and I don’t think it’s going to slow down. But I am loving it! Have gone around the entire world and across the US already.

First, we went to Bali an Thailand. Our first trip to Asia!! How amazing it was to experience a taste of a culture so different from ours. I thought I was impervious to culture shock, but….I stand corrected. Probably because I travel so much, I went through the stages very quickly, though. What surpised me the most was how kind people were. The spiritual roots of their kindness showed in every greeting, each gesture. I started imitating them gladly putting my hands together, bowing my head, making eye contact and really pausing to see the other person. In our Western world, we take care if acknowledging each other in passing. It would be unthinkably rude not to do the quick wave, the quick node, the friendly ”hi” / “good morning” as we zoom by on our way… but they took it farther. They stopped what they were doing, they bowed and waited. That was key, the wait. That made all the difference. The gift of time and undivided attention. I need to do that more. If you are still reading, you are on that path, too!  Will you slow down, connect more… ?

How will we give that rare gift?bali

😉 Enjoy (the rest of )your summer!


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